PVDF Extrusion Grade-Pellet

PVDF Extrusion Grade-Pellet
Product Details


Testing Standard

Testing condition




ASTM D1238,  GB/T 3682

230°C , 5kg



Tensile strength

ASTM D638, GB/T 1040.1

Tensile strength: 50mm/min



Elongation at break

ASTM D638, GB/T 1040.1

Tensile strength: 50mm/min



Yield tensile strength

ASTM D638, GB/T 1040.1

Tensile strength : 50mm/min



Yield elongation

ASTM D638, GB/T 1040.1

Tensile strength; 50mm/min



Standard specific gravity

GB/T 1033.1. ASTM D792

Tensile strength: 50mm/min



Melting point

ASTM D3418

Secondary melting point



Hardness (Shore D)

ASTM D2240, GB/T 2411

Testing temperature : 23°C



Method of forming

Extrusion molding with processing temperature between 180°C ~ 300°C

Fundamental uses

For processing of pipe fittings, pump valves, fillings and other work pieces of ail specifications


Moderate melt flow rate and viscosity.

Safety precautions

The homopolymer of vinylidene fluoride (VQF) begin to have a slight decomposition with HF gas released above300°C. Avoid processing or using the products at the temperature above 370°C in order to prevent toxic gas release

Workers should avoid breathing in harmful gases during processing and wear necessary labor protection stuff.

Keep the dust away from being breathed in nasal cavity and infecting eyes.

After production, have a complete clean up of faces and hands.

Disposal of the wastes produced in the processing must be dealt with by specialized personnel for waste disposal and should be conducted according to waste regulations in relevant countries, regions and local places,

Before processing, please read the safety data sheet carefully.

Storage and disposal

The products should be stored in clean, cool, shady, and dry warehouses so as to avoid the mix with dust and moisture. During transportation, violent vibration must be avoided. Prevent any cases aggregation


FPVD pellet should first be packed in polyethylene plastic bags and then sealed in external package bags. 

Net weight per bag: 25kg.

Powder is also available.