PTFE Wax For Water-Based Coating & Ink

PTFE Wax For Water-Based Coating & Ink
Product Details





Apparent density(g/L)




Particle size(D50)(μm)




Specific surface area(㎡/g)








Melting point(℃)





Slip, anti-scratch, abrasion

Slip, skid marks, wear

Slip, anti-sticking


Paint, ink

Paint, ink

Paint, ink, stick

Features and Benefits

▶ HaiflonTM polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) micropowder is a ultrafine processing by a special process of low molecular weight white powder

▶ It has excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability, weather resistance, heat resistance, non-sticky, flame resistance and self-lubricating

▶ To provide a surface sand grain effect type fabric, enhanced scratch resistance, Improve the surface smooth feel, improve processing performance of lubricating and wear-resistant

▶ Reduce the surface friction coefficient of products, improve lubrication injection products, reduce product wear

Purpose and Use

▶ Anti-wear agent;

▶ Plastics processing modified plastics, modified resin;

▶ Printing inks, inkjet printer powder;

▶ Paint additives, high corrosion-resistant fluorine coating

▶ Textile drum non-stick coating

▶ Transmission machinery advanced lubricants and grease high load low speed

▶ Military use of special materials and high value-added products


▶ Paint areas: Recommended dosage is 0.1-1.0% of the total production process preceding add, need high-speed stirring to reach optimal dispersion effect;

▶ Engineering plastics: Recommended dosage is 5% -20% of the total weight, add the powder dispersion should pay attention to, thoroughly mixed to achieve better results. Widely used in engineering plastics, plastic improve the wear, dirt-modified production. Or add according to product requirements; As well as contact our technical department.

In order to maintain good dispersion of PTFE powder, blending sex, before use can be placed <120℃ oven treatment

Packaging and storage

▶ Environmental drum packaging lined with PE bag; net weight 25 kg / barrel;

▶ Below 60 ℃ in the dark to avoid the wet, dry and ventilated place to save

▶ When PTFE powder processing, the maximum temperature <400 ℃