Yu Xiuyuan: Industry Development And Market Application Of PTFE

Quzhou city, Zhejiang Province people's Government, the China National Petroleum (8.30, 0.00, 0%) and chemical industry association, Business Association, China chemical network and giant group and other units jointly held China in 2015 (Quzhou) fluorine and silicone industry Summit and the eighth International fluorine chemical industry development Summit Forum was held on November 26 in Quzhou, Zhejiang international hotel. Conference aims to gather fluorine-silicon industry at home and abroad of the industry elite, experts and scholars to discuss "Thirteen-Five" fluorine and silicone industry development trends and opportunities, domestic and foreign exchange, product development and market application of various links between results and ideas and industries of new technology, new products, new applications, and other important topics, publishing authorities, diversification and internationalization point of view.