Teflon Production And Consumption At Home And Abroad And Its Market Prospect

Fluorine resin (commonly known as plastic) polymers containing fluorine atoms in the structure of the product term. Fluorine resin variety, excellent performance, has a long history, and has become an integral part of many key technologies in modern industrial materials. Abroad has industrial production and for market sales of products has PTFE (PTFE), and poly partial fluoride vinyl (PVDF), and vinyl-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer real (ETFE), and vinyl-three fluoride chlorine vinyl copolymer real (ECTFE), and poly fluoride vinyl (PVF), and tetrafluoroethylene-full fluoride alkyl vinyl base ether copolymer real (PFA), and tetrafluoroethylene-six fluoride propylene copolymer real (and said poly full fluoride b propylene, FEP), and poly three fluoride chlorine vinyl (PCTFE), more than 10 more than species varieties about more than 100 multiple grades.