Installation Of Metering: PTFE (PTFE,F-4)

PTFE, commonly known as King of plastics, it is made of PTFE with a suspension or dispersion polymerization, and has excellent resistance to high and low temperature, -180~260 ° c within the context of long-term use. Resistant to almost all chemicals, boiled in a very strong erosion of aqua regia is not changed, very low coefficient of friction, just 0.04 per cent. Does not absorb water, excellent electrical properties PTFE, is the dielectric constant and dielectric loss of solid insulating materials. Drawback is the low intensity, cold and strong. Mainly for the production of friction sealing parts, chemical corrosion resistance parts, heat exchangers, tube, Rod, plate products and parts, as well as the high frequency or insulating materials under moist conditions; dispersion of PTFE can be made of thin-walled tube, Rod, profile, wire and cable coating.