Separation using temperature sensitive polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber membrane

Will PVDF powder by lye pretreatment, then in raised agent role Xia, through free base aggregate reaction will NIPAAm monomer received branch to PVDF molecular main chain Shang, synthesis Thermo-sensitive material PVDF-g-PNIPAAm, last through phase into technology preparation has temperature sensitive performance of intelligent flat separation film, determine has docking branch rate for adjustment, and cast film liquid preparation, and into film mechanism and the process control, of process conditions.

PVDF-g-PNIPAAm intelligent temperature-sensitive flat-panel membrane based on designed a dedicated dry-wet spinning machine for hollow fiber, cracked dry-wet spinning process aperture can be adjusted by the temperature key to smart membrane PVDF hollow fiber technology, preparation of temperature response of PVDF-g-PNIPAAm hollow fiber membranes.