PTFE ultrafine powder-A01

PTFE ultrafine powder-A01 is our factory developed ultra-fine polytetrafluoroethylene powder, the average molecular size of only 1.6 microns, easy to add. Applicable to the fineness of the products have high requirements of customers. And PTFE-A01 molecular weight ultra-light, molecular weight below 10,000 or less. Not only to maintain the original PTFE all the excellent performance, but also has many unique properties: such as non-self-cohesion, no electrostatic effect, good compatibility, low molecular weight, good dispersion, high self-lubricating friction coefficient Obvious and so on.

        PTFE ultra-fine powder-A01 can be used alone as a solid lubricant can also be used as plastics, rubber, paint, ink, lubricants, grease and other additives. With plastic or rubber can be mixed with a variety of typical powder processing methods, such as blending, the amount of 5 to 20%, in the oil and grease to add PTFE powder, can reduce the friction coefficient, as long as the percentage increase A few, can improve the life of lubricating oil. The organic solvent dispersion can also be used as mold release agent.

Product Specifications

No. Item Unit Index Value

1 Appearance white fine powder

2 Moisture content% ≤ 0.05

3 Average particle size D50 μm 1.6