FKM Powder

FKM Powder
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FKM Powder

Powder FKM is one kind of Fluoroelastomer with shape of powder, it could be used as processing agent of engineering plastic like HDPE, LLDPE and PP, in order to improve processing performance. 

Characteristics of FKM Powder

Remove or reduce the surface defect (like fracture of melt),improve the smooth and

lightness of surface of finished product;

Reduce the gel of film and membrane

Reduce pressure of mold, energy consumption as well as temperature;

It will also reduce surface melting viscosity, remove the die accumulation.

It will reduce production cost and improve the production efficiency. (under same mold pressure and temperature)


Processing aid for blow membrane, cast film; sheet and pipe extrusion; wire and cable, jacket extrusion

Processing guide:

It is suggested that firstly make master batch through extruder with Powder FKM content 2%-3%, then mix with polymer for processing at certain ratio.



White granules

Granule size


The fluorine content

not less 66%

Mooney Viscosity(at 121°C)


Moisture content


Tensile strength

13.1 mPa


Max 0,25%

Operating temperature range

-20 to 250 °С



Shelf life:

6 months and should be stored in clean, dry place with temperature below 30°С.


Sealed in PE bag and packed in drum with net weight 25kgs.